Manali School

Manali School


Boarding school in India

This school is located in India in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the Kullu valley, a few kilometers from the city of Manali. It is in the Himchal Pradesh region, south of Ladakh. The boarding school welcomes 340 children, boys and girls in equal numbers, and a teaching staff: 16 teachers and 17 non-teachers.

In a spirit of peace and togetherness, this unique establishment of good education and human quality has the reputation to cost free care in boarding school for children from the most disadvantaged families from Northern India to Ladakh. Most of these children, sons and daughters of nomads or farmers, would not have the opportunity to attend school without this boarding school.

In 2004, the team Art Tibet Cham Sem was very touched by the altruistic spirit of the school director lady, and the compassion instilled in the children, and so wished to support these efforts over the long term.  Since its inception, receiving very few subsidies from the Indian state, the school has encountered real difficulties. Formerly located in cramped and dilapidated buildings (see the film below), Mrs Palki, the principal, appealed to an English foundation which financed the construction of new buildings and the move took place in 2010. The new school, designed to accomodate up to 500 residents in the future, could appear luxurious from the outside. This is not so. Life is very simple at the boarding school and Mrs Palki is committed to accompanying these children in good and safe conditions until the end of their school studies, with the support of our association.

Art’Tibet Cham Sem is organizing sponsorships to support the boarding school. However, these are not individual sponsorships, because of fairness, our team has chosen to sponsor the group of children and not individuals, sharing the sponsorhips among all, rather than supporting certain children.

The children of Manali, aged 4 to 16, live at the boarding school from September 1 to June 30. At the beginning of the school year, the parents accompany them, crossing the mountain ranges that separate them from Manali.

The school children have their small trunk as their only possession. They know that they will not be reunited with their parents until June, the distance separating them from their family being too great and the Himalayan climate making the mountain impassable during the winter. These children are ready to make great efforts to acquire an education which, without this school, would not be within financial reach of their families. The association having sent to Manali a music teacher, and later, a yoga teacher. We were impressed upon their return to learn what enthusiastic determination these school children devote themselves to their studies, the older ones supporting the younger ones.

The school curriculum ranges from kindergarden to one year before A-levels. The final year (of High School) continous at the Indian Governmental School. At the Manali boarding school, children learn math, natural sciences, physics and also English and Sanskrit (written language of reference in India), Hindi which is the local Indian language, and also Tibetan, native language of the Himalayan countries. Sports and dance, in particular traditional dances are part of  the weekly schedule as well as spirituel studies. A monk teaches the children Buddhist rituels, and the school day begins with a moment of prayer that everybody appreciates much.

In addition to the school curriculum there are seven „Grannies“ who provide cuddles fort he children and give the love and gentleness  that they miss being far from their parents.

Today, with the support of our sponsors and partners, we are very happy to be able to support the development of this structure over time.

Art’Tibet is purchasing school supplies and books, provides nutritious food and assures their health with regular doctor visits and medication as well as a nurse full time on site. By the help of the Fondations Grésigny, Fondaher and Philippe Daher who have been supporting us since 2005, the boarding school has been able to acquire expensive and essential equipment, such as a heating system, a generator, a library, computers etc;

We are always looking for volunteer dentists wishing to treat the children at the Manali boarding school. There have been dentists already graciously  

offering their help with dental care. Regular dental care is essential, and we appeal for good medical and dental treatment for the children.

Why choose the monthly donation ?

Monthly donations allow us to plan our actions in the medium and long term and provide the association with regular income. We prefer that our sponsors offer a monthly sum so that  they can plan their budget in order to  continue their support in the long term.

Remember that a little given from here means a lot there !

New sub-project for Manali school graduates:

Art’Tibet Cham Sem has recently launched a new sub-project to sponsor school graduates from Manali school who are eager to learn a profession.

Thanks to financial contributions of new sponsors for this sub-project.

Art’ Tibet has been already sponsoring since three years two young girls, including an orphan, who are now at the end of nursing school. Together with Mrs Palki who is selecting and supervising these students who are former students, we have decided to sponsor two more young school graduates for another 3-year-training.

For them it would be learning a profession that will enrich their home community upon their return.

We appeal to anyone wishing to support young school graduates in his or her studies, or in an apprenticeship.

Sadly we see that at the end oft he school, financial possibilities are non-existent, thus the students have no other choice than to return to work in the fields with their families or to enlist in the Indian Army.

With a professional training, having received a good academic education they nevertheless bring a lot back to their communities.

Do not hesitate to contact us, your help is invaluable !