Art Tibet Cham Sem means
Artists for Tibet,
with a loving heart.

Art Tibet Cham Sem has the heartfelt wish to bring help to the Tibetan people in return for the incomparable wealth which their culture of buddhist wisdom has bequeathed to humanity.

Our aims and activities

Our aims

Art’Tibet Cham Sem provides assistance to Tibetan communal activities: schools, monasteries, clinics, or any structure in need of assistance in order to help it grow towards self-reliance.

Our funding is obtained by means of donations and sponsorships, as well as by the sale of products manufactured in India or France.

Our actions
  • Schools and accommodation for the most deprived.
  • Monasteries and convents are places of refuge for many and keystone of Tibetan social organization.
  • Clinics in order to make available free medical care in those places sheltering large numbers of refugees.

The Charter

of Art’Tibet Cham Sem

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    The association is composed exclusively of volunteers and pays no salaries.

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    Fund activities

    The operating costs (webmaster, printing, mail etc) are funded by revenue from sales by our Boutique. This is why the whole amount of your donations and sponsorships can be sent directly to the recipient communities.

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    Art’Tibet Cham Sem’s financial accounts are kept by the registered accountants, Coeos Expertise, France, and may be consulted at any time on the association’s website.