What is Art Tibet Cham Sem?

Founded in 2001, Art’Tibet Cham Sem is a not-for-profit humanitarian association which supports both lay and religious Tibetan communities in Tibet and the Himalayan region.

When giving assistance to the specific projects which these communities aim to develop, the Association’s intervention may be in the form of educational, logistical or medical assistance.

Art’Tibet Cham Sem is not involved in any political activities whatsoever.


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Manali School

The school is situated in India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the Kullu valley, a few kilometers from the town of Manali. This is the region of Himachal Pradesh, to the south of Ladakh. The boarding school accommodates 290 children, boys and girls in equal numbers, as well as 23 teaching staff.

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Nunnery in Tibet

Monasteries serve as an anchorage point for Tibetan culture and places of refuge for the needy. In accordance with the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and deriving nourishment from it, the monasteries take in children, bringing them up and giving them an education.

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Medical Clinic in Bir

The humanitarian association Art’Tibet Cham Sem lends its support to a Tibetan clinic in Bir, in the Himachal Pradesh region of northern India. Its aim is to improve the provision of medical services for the Tibetan refugee communities and the Indian population of the region.

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All the products which you will find in our boutique have been designed and manufactured by us.

The proceeds from sales in our boutique cover the costs of Art’Tibet Cham Sem’s administration and publicity.

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Our products can also be bought at: Zam store and at the Windhorse boutique, Lerab Ling
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Why the art in Art’Tibet Cham Sem ?

– Art Tibet Cham Sem was founded by French artists
– In the beginning it was sales of art and artistic events which provided the necessary funding.
– Today we only count on our donor’s.